In this World of Warcraft guide everything revolves around Shadowlands Herbalism and how to level it.

Gathering herbs in Shadowlands

With the introduction of Battle for Azeroth, it is no longer necessary to skill the profession beyond past expansions. Simply visit your faction’s teacher, learn Shadowlands Herbalism and you can immediately start picking herbs from the current expansion.

Shadowlands Herbalism Trainer

You can learn Shadowlands Herbalism with a Level 50 character or higher from this trainer in Oribos:

  • WoW Allianz WoW Horde Selector Au’mar – Oribos, Hall of Shapes (40.0, 36.4)
    If you can’t find your trainer directly, you can also ask a city guard.
Shadowlands Herbalism Trainer in Oribos
Shadowlands Herbalism Trainer in Oribos

New Herbs in Shadowlands

Zones: all, but rare

Death Blossom
Zones: all

Zone: Maldraxxus

Rising Glory
Zone: Bastion

Virgil’s Torch
Zone: Ardenweald

Zone: Revendreth

Shadowlands Herbalism: 1-150

Basically, the leveling process for this profession in Shadowlands is very simple: You learn the profession and go out into the world to pick flowers. There are no ranks for herbs like in Battle for Azeroth, the higher the skill of the profession, the more herbs there are. So don’t be put off by the low yield in the beginning. It will be more lucrative!

The clear assignment of (most) herbs to their respective zones makes it relatively easy to farm specifically according to a certain herb species. Bastion and Ardenweald are much easier to farm than Maldraxxus and especially Revendreth. Maybe this will also be reflected in the herb prices.

The Journal for Shadowlands Herbalism is called Florist’s Journal.

Gather herbs more efficient

  • For faster herb gathering you can use the enchantment Shadowlands Gathering on your Gloves. This enchantment gathers (for the first time) all farming professions at the same time and reduces the time it takes to harvest.
  • With the item Floraextraktionsgerät (sold by distributor Au’til, to the left of the Mining Teacher, opposite the Herbalism Teacher) in your inventory, you automatically have Herbalism +10, which previously meant a higher yield when picking herbs.
  • As a druid you can pick herbs in the travel form.
  • All other classes can use the Himmelsgolem to harvest herbs on a mount.
  • When you use tank specialisation, you can not be dazed when mounted. Non-tank specialisation can use the new Mount