Classic Server | Fishing Leveling Guide

This guide is all about Fishing in World of Warcraft Classic.

Fishing trainer

Apprentice (1-75 | requires Level 5)
Trainer in every major city

Journeyman (75-150 | requires Skill 50 and Level 10)
Trainer in every major city

Expert (150-225 | requires Skill 125 and Level 20)
WoW Allianz WoW Horde through the book Expertenangeln, sold by Old Man Heming, Stranglethorn Vale

Artisan (225-300 | requires Skill 225 and Level 35)
WoW Allianz WoW Horde Reward of WoW Quest-Icon Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme from Nat Pagle, Dustwallow Marsh

Leveling Classic-Fishing: (1-300)
1 – 50 Buy some Shiny Baubles and fish in rivers in WoW Horde Durotar  or WoW Allianz Elwynn Forest.

Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 50 to learn the next rank!

50 – 100 Until you reach Skill 75, you need Shiny Baubles. Fish for Floating Debris or Floating Wreckage near the pier in Ratchet (Barrens). The chests can contain low level materials.
100 – 175 WoW Horde Horde: Go to the Hinterlands and finish the Quest WoW Quest-IconSnapjaws Mon to get a Fishing Pole that grants +25 on Fishing. Then get some  Aquadynamischer Fischanlocker (Engineers can craft them, Fishing Vendors sometimes have them in limited supply) and fish on the Cap of Stranglethorn. Down the coast line there are schools of Steinschuppenaal you can empty and sell those fish. You can also find Wreckages there. With Skill 125 you can use Helle Schmuckstücke instead of Aquadynamischer Fischanlocker.

Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 125 to learn the next rank!

125 – 200 WoW Allianz Alliance players can not get this fishing Pole. So you have to reach 120 in Ratchet, not only 100. With 120 you can go get a Starke Angelrute (Fishing +5) and head to Stranglethorn Vale like written above. You can also search for a Große Eisenangel (Fishing +20) at the Auction House.
175 – 300 WoW Horde Take some Aquadynamischer Fischanlocker with you to the Coast of Tanaris and fish there. Here are a lot of schools of Steinschuppenaal, which makes the zone very profitable. After reaching Skill 200, use Helle Schmuckstücke.

Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 225 to learn the next rank!

200 – 300  WoW Allianz Alliance players stay in Stranglethorn Vale until Skill 200 and then follow the Horde players to Tanaris.

Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 225 to learn the next rank!