You are looking for a way to farm Gold in World of Warcraft Classic? Right now I have not written own Classic Guides, but on this site I want to show you some of the best Videos and Guides from other creators.

Tip 1:
Mining, Herbalism and Skinning are recommended to begin with.
If the vendor price for your gathered items is above the price on the auction house, just sell your stuff to the vendor.

Tip 2:
Create a Level 5 Alt, learn Enchanting and let him sit by the mailbox in a major city. You can send him all of your found greens and sell the materials on the auction house.

Tip 3:
Store your materials and items on a twink in one of the major cities.

Tip 4:
Tired of leveling? Grab your fishing pole and sit (stand) by the water! Fishing is relaxing and will get you some gold coins!

Tip 5:
The biggest goldfarming options get available with level 60. Don’t loose your head before that. It’s ideal to have access to every profession but focus on the profession you have the most fun with. A lot of ways will get you a lot of gold. Tailors will sell Bags and Alchemists will make a lot of gold once Pots and Flasks are needed for raids.

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