Classic Server | Tailoring Leveling Guide

This guide is all about Tailoring in World of Warcraft Classic.

General Information

  • Tailoring is one of six Crafting professions.
  • Tailors do need cloth for their work which can be dropped by almost every Humanoid NPC in the game. They then create bolts out of the cloth.
  • They also need threats and dye which are usually sold by NPCs around your trainers.
  • Tailors are crafting cloth armor for classes such as Priests, Mages and Warlocks, but also cloaks and bags that are desired by every player!

Tailoring Training

Don’t forget to visit your profession trainer to not waste any materials!

WoW Allianz If you belong to the Alliance, be aware that there are two different Tailoring houses in Stormwind, both giving a home to different Tailoring trainers.

Apprentice (1-75 | requires Level 5)
Trainer in every major city

Journeyman (75-150 | requires Skill 50 and Level 10)
Trainer in every major city

Expert  (150-225 | requires Skill 125 and Level 20)
WoW Allianz  Georgio Bolero in Stormwind
WoW Horde Josef Gregorian in Undercity

Artisan (225-300 | requires Skill 225 and Level 35)
WoW Allianz Timothy Worthington in the Dustwallow Marshs
WoW Horde Daryl Stack in Hillsbrad Foothills

Required Materials

The following list is not 100% accurate, if you do not have luck with green or yellow recipes you may need more materials at some points.

Leveling Classic-Tailoring: 1-300

1 – 50 80x Leinenstoffballen (160x Leinenstoff)
50 – 60 10 x Schwere Leinenhandschuhe (20x Leinenstoffballen, 10x Grober Faden)

Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 50 to learn the next rank!

60 – 65 5 x Rotes Leinenhemd (10x Leinenstoffballen, 5x Grober Faden, 5x Roter Farbstoff)
65 – 75 10 x Verstärktes Leinencape (20x Leinenstoffballen, 30x Grober Faden)
75 – 105 60 x Wollstoffballen (180x Wollstoff)
105 – 110 5 x Graues Wollhemd (10x Wollstoffballen, 5x Feiner Faden, 5x Grauer Farbstoffe)
110 – 125 15 x Doppeltgenähte Wollschultern (45x Wollstoffballen, 30x Feiner Faden)

Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 125 to learn the next rank:
WoW Allianz  Georgio Bolero in Stormwind
WoW Horde Josef Gregorian in Undercity

125 – 145 190 x Seidenstoffballen (760x Seidenstoff)
145 – 160 15 x Azurblaue Seidenkapuze (30x Seidenstoffballen, 30x Blauer Farbstoff, 15x Feiner Faden)
160 – 170 10 x Seidenes Stirnband (30x Seidenstoffballen, 20x Feiner Faden)
170 – 175 5 x Formelles weißes Hemd (15x Seidenstoffballen, 10x Bleiche, 5x Feiner Faden)
175 – 185 100 x Magiestoffballen (500x Magiestoff)
185 – 205 20 x Purpurrote Seidenweste (80x Seidenstoffballen, 40x Roter Farbstoff, 40x Feiner Faden)
205 – 215 10 x Purpurrote Seidenpantalons (40x Seidenstoffballen, 20x Roter Farbstoff, 20x Seidenfaden)
215 – 220 5 x Schwarze Magiestoffgamaschen oder Schwarze Magiestoffweste (10x Magiestoffballen, 15x Seidenfaden)
220 – 230 10 x Schwarze Magiestoffhandschuhe (20x Magiestoffballen, 20x Schwerer Seidenfaden)

Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 225 to learn the next rank:
WoW Allianz Timothy Worthington in the Dustwallow Marshs
WoW Horde Daryl Stack in Hillsbrad Foothills

230 – 250 20 x Schwarzes Magiestoffstirnband or Schwarze Magiestoffschultern (60x Magiestoffballen, 40x Schwerer Seidenfaden)
250 – 260 180 x Runenstoffballen (900x Runenstoff)
260 – 275 15 x Runenstoffgürtel (45x Runenstoffballen, 15x Runenfaden)
275 – 280 5 x Runenstofftasche (25x Runenstoffballen, 10x Unverwüstliches Leder, 5x Runenfaden)
280 – 300 20 x Runenstoffhandschuhe (80x Runenstoffballen, 80x Unverwüstliches Leder, 20x Runenfaden)

or from 285 – 300:

10 x Runenstoffhose (285-295)
(40x Runenstoffballen, 20x Eisenweberseide, 10x Runenfaden)
5 x Runecloth Headband (295-300)
Runenstoffballen, 10x Eisenweberseide, 5x Runenfaden

How to get your hands on cloth

You will need a LOT of Runenstoff, so you can already create a “WTB Runecloth”-Macro for the Trading Chat.
In general, every humanoid NPC in World of Warcraft with level 50+ can drop Runecloth. The Plaguelands (Eastern and Western) are great zones to farm Runecloth as well as Silithus where you can also grind reputation while farming cloth.

For Seidenstoff and Magiestoff you can visit the Scarlet Monastery – there you can also farm Wams des Scharlachroten Kreuzzugs. But maybe not alone! If you are alone, head to Tanaris, east of Gadgetzan.

Wollstoff and Seidenstoff can be received from Humanoids in the Hillsbrad Foothills near the Farmsteads and castles. It takes 5 Minutes to get to the next city, so you better come with empty bags!

If you belong to the Horde, Leinenstoff can be quickly farmed in Ragefire Chasm (Orgrimmar), Alliance-Players head to the Deadmines (where you will get Wollstoff aswell).