5.000.000 Gold Raffle on Twitch

As you might have read in a news article, German (LINK)  there will be a „Bronto Parade“ on Blackhand (Orgrimmar) on 10.10.2020 at 22 o’clock. Further information HERE <-

To celebrate the day I was able to organize a very sympathetic sponsor for my stream. The player Magicuz is giving away 5.000.000 gold to one of you in the name of his Discord: Warcraft Traders. The 5,000,000 gold will be raffled off on my stream with the keyword: WarcraftTraders.

How can I participate ?

  • The raffle starts at 11pm on twitch.tv/goldgoblinnet
  • You must be a follower of my channel and must not have won a Bronto with me.
  • From 23 o’clock on you can write the keyword: !WarcraftTraders in the twitch chat.
  • The winner will be drawn at 23:59.


What is Warcraft Traders?

In this discord you will find players who want to trade gold from server A to B. You think there’s no more fast spectral tiger or magic hen’s egg? You thought wrong! In this discord there are many traders who still offer a lot of rare TCG mounts for gold. Such tigers are today 30-50 million gold value and are therefore no longer offered in the auction house (10M Cap).

I would be happy if you would stop by in his Discord as a thank you for our sponsor!



World of Warcraft Classic Guides

Welcome on GoldGoblins Classic-Website  and Retail SL with Release!

This site is all about World of Warcraft Classic that launched on August 28th in 2019. After Shadowlands Release there will be Skill and Farm Guides too.

Amongst Farm-Guides for herbs, leather and ores you can also find Profession Guides to skill your professions fast and cheap from 1 to 300 with a lot of helpful hints where to find recipes that help you to level your professions more comfortable and cheaper.

Within Gold Guides you can find videos with tips and tricks where and how to farm gold.