Classic Server | Kochkunst Leveling Guide

This guide is all about Cooking in World of Warcraft Classic.

General Information

  • Cooking is one of three secondary professions in World of Warcraft.
  • With cooking you create food that has benefits when eaten (Buff-Food).
  • Cooks need meat, thats looted from beasts or fish, that can be gatheres with the Fishing Profession. A lot of other stuff like spices are sold by NPCs near cooking trainers.
  • You can cook Buff-Food for yourself or to sell it on the auction house.
WoW Allianz Alliance Cooking trainers
WoW Horde Horde Cooking trainers

Don’t forget to train your Cooking before hitting the various level caps or you will waste materials.

Apprentice (1-75 | requires Level 5)

Journeyman (75-150 | requires Skill 50)

Expert (150-225 | requires Skill 125 and Level 20)

Artisan (225-300 | requires Skill 225 and Level 35)

Leveling Classic-Cooking: 1 – 300
1 – 50 Right at the start you can choose whatever materials you have in store:


Visit your trainer after you reached Skill 50 to learn the next rank!

50 – 80 40 x Geräuchertes Bärenfleisch (40 Bärenfleisch)

You get the recipe from WoW Allianz Drac Roughcut in Thelsamar (Loch Modan) or WoW Horde Andrew Hilbert in Silverpine Forest.
You also can cook Gewürztes Wolfsfleisch until Skill 70, if there is cheap Sehniges Wolfsfleisch at the auction house.

80 – 130 Visit your trainer and learn Gekochte Muscheln, then go to Darkshore or Ashenvale to Zoram Beach and farm Verkrusteter Gezeitenkriecher and other Sea Creatures.

First, cook 30 Gekochte Muscheln, the recipe turns green at 110 – after that, you cook Crab Cake until 130.

You can find Muschelfleisch if you open Kleine rankenfüßige Muschel. The Erfrischendes Quellwasser is sold by most Innkeepers.

WoW Allianz Alliance players should buy Rezept: Gekochte Krebsschere from Kendor Kabonka in Stormwind, because when farming the Meat above there will drop a lot of  Kriecherklaue. You can buy Rezept: Seltsam schmeckendes Omelett aswell.

With Skill 125 you can get the next rank! To become an Expert in Cooking, you need to be Level 20 and have Skill 125. Then you can buy Expertenkochbuch from WoW Allianz Shandrina in Ashenvale or WoW Horde  Wulan in Desolace.

130 – 175 50 x Seltsam schmeckendes Omelett (50x Raptorei)

The recipe is sold by WoW Allianz Kendor Kabonka in Stormwind and Keena in Arathi Highlands.
WoW Horde Horde players can get Rezept: Scharfe Löwenkoteletts from Zargh in the Barrens (Crossroads), if you have Löwenfleisch.

175 – 225 50 x Gerösteter Raptor (50x Raptorfleisch)

Rezept: Gerösteter Raptor is sold byHammon Karwn and Keena (Arathi Highlands)

If you have Schildkrötenfleisch in your bags, you can cook Milde Schildkrötensuppe. To get the recipe, you have to finish the quest WoW Quest-Icon Turtle Bisque. The quest starts at Küchenchef Jessen or Christoph Jeffcoat in Hillsbrad Foothills.

225 Time to become an Artisan with finishing a quest! You have to finish the quest WoW Quest-Icon Clamlette Surprise, which you only get with level 35+ and Skill 225. To finish it, you need the following materials and we recomment to get them before you travel to Gadgetzan:

Alliance players start the quest with WoW Quest-Icon I Know A Guy… from Daryl Riknussun in Ironforge.
Horde players start the quest with WoW Quest-Icon To Gadgetzan You Go! from Zamja in Orgrimmar.

Both quests lead to Dirge Quikcleave in Gadgetzan. Hand him over the materials and he trains you Cooking (Artisan).

225 – 275

Rezept: Monsteromelett is sold by Himmik in Winterspring (Everlook at the Inn).
Rezept: Zartes Wolfsteak is sold by Dirge Quikcleave in Tanaris.

275 – 300 15 x Geräucherte Wüstenknödel (15x Sandworm Meat)

For this recipe, you have to finish two quests in Silithus:

  1. WoW Quest-Icon Wüstenrezept
  2. WoW Quest-Icon Geteiltes Wissen

Sandwurmfleisch is dropped by Baggerschläger and Baggerbrecher in Silithus.