In this World of Warcraft guide everything revolves around Shadowlands Fishing and how to level it.

Fishing in Shadowlands

With the introduction of Battle for Azeroth, it is no longer necessary to skill the profession beyond past expansions. Simply visit the respective teacher in Shadowlands, learn Shadowlands Fishing, and you can immediately start fishing in the current expansion.

Shadowlands Fishing Trainer

You can learn Shadowlands Fishing with a Level 50 character or higher from this trainer in Oribos:

  • WoW Allianz WoW Horde Retriever Au’prin – Oribos, Hall of Shapes (47.6, 24.2)
    If you can’t find your trainer directly, you can also ask a city guard.
Shadowlands Fishing Trainer in Oribos

Fishes in Shadowlands

As with herbs and ores, there is one species of fish to be fished in each zone and four species of fish that are assigned to specific zones and can only be caught there.

The Journal for Shadowlands Fishing is called Fisherman’s Journal.


You can get bait yourself while fishing, but you need luck.
Distributor Au’nagl in Oribos will reliably sell you bait for fishing specific fish:

Keep in mind, however, that despite bait, the zone-specific fish can still only be fished there.
Using a Pocked Bonefish Bait (which can only be fished in Maldraxxus) in Bastion does not help at all.

The New Fishing Pole

With Die Mittlerangel there is a new rod in Shadowlands, which is also sold by Au’nagl in Oribos. It grants you +15 fishing skill and increases the chance of finding bait.

The artifact fishing rod (Legion) can also be used for fishing in the Shadow Lands. The ability “Undercurrent” with which you can port yourself to a shoal does not work, though.


In Shadowlands there are two Bobbers with an unique appearance.
Orischwimmer has a chance to hop into your bag when fishing in the Shadowlands.

Fledermausfratzenschwimmer is a Toy you can find in Revendreth. In the southeast of the area (coordinates 73, 75) is the Forgotten Fishing Rod, which you can interact with. It will then confront you with the Rare Muckribbon, from which you can retrieve the toy.
If you use the toy, your swimmer will have a much more threatening look when you are fishing!

Which fish for which dish?

FishIngredient in
Verlorene SeelzungeBraisierte Keule
Gebäck mit Kaviar
Gebratener Grätenfisch
Festmahl des unersättlichen Hedonismus
Süße Silberkiemenwürste
Gebratener Grätenfisch
Grätenfischeintopf mit Zimt
Kandierte Stachelmakrelenküchlein
Überraschend genießbares Festmahl
Schillernde Stachelmakrele
Kandierte Stachelmakrelenküchlein
Überraschend genießbares Festmahl
Braisierte Keule
Festmahl des unersättlichen Hedonismus
Phantasmasoufflé mit Pommes
Elysische ThadeÜberraschend genießbares Festmahl
Festmahl des unersättlichen Hedonismus