This guide is about Oxxein Ore in the Shadowlands. Not the farm guide you wanted? Take a look HERE.

In this farm guide you will learn the best and most efficient routes to farm Oxxein Ore.
Oxxein Ore is found exclusively in the Maldraxxus zone in the Shadowlands.

Oxxein Deposit in the wild

You can farm all ores in Shadowlands with a skill of 1 or higher, but it is more efficient to farm it with a higher skill – the yield rate is much higher! If you have never mined ore before and want to know more about Shadowlands Mining, take a look at our mining leveling guide!

Tips for more comfortable ore farming

For faster mining of ores, you can put the enchantment Shadowlands Gathering on your gloves. This enchantment covers (for the first time) all farm professions at the same time and reduces the time needed to mine the ore. There is one exception: Unfortunately, Elethium Ore cannot be impressed by this at the moment (11/17/20).

With an item like the Mining Pick in your inventory (sold by distributor Au’til, who is on the left of the mining teacher in Oribos) you automatically have +10 more mining skill. This means a higher yield when mining ores at an earlier point.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to have a Comfortable riders barding for your mount. It is made by leatherworkers and prevents you from getting dazed while riding. A habit that many opponents in Shadowlands have and which can significantly increase farming time.

By the way: characters with tank specialization don’t need this equipment, they can’t be dazed anyway.

The Farm Routes and how to understand them

Basically the farm routes are kept quite simple – you can just follow them roughly. Especially in view of the fact that you can fly in Shadowlands sometime, they are not pixel exact, but bigger obstacles should not be in the way.

Red areas are areas where the enemy density is high. If you don’t feel like fighting, it’s best to avoid them and ride a bow around the area. Red areas with an exclamation mark in them are areas with enemies that can reveal stealth.

Farming Oxxein Ore in Maldraxxus

Maldraxxus is the only area where Oxxein Ore can be obtained – therefore there is only one route. The area is extremely dangerous, the enemies are close together. In the area with the exclamation mark there are even enemies who can reveal stealth. Caution is therefore required!

Route to farm Oxxein Ore in Maldraxxus
Route to farm Oxxein Ore in Maldraxxus