In this World of Warcraft guide everything revolves around Burning Crusade Classic Tailoring and how to level it.

This guide may undergo changes after the release of Burning Crusade Classic.
It may also contain information that is not viable until a certain Phase of the AddOn.

Outland Tailoring Trainer

Burning Crusade Classic Tailoring can be learned from the following trainers:

  • WoW Allianz Hama – Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula [54.6, 63.7]
  • WoW Horde Dalinna – Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula [56.6, 37.1]

The Specialization trainers are in Shattrath’s Lower City.
Next to them is also a Mana Loom, that will be necessary to create their unique cloth.

Humanoid Cloth Drops Level

Tailoring: 1-300

If you are not at 300 yet, take a look at our Classic Tailoring Guide.

Tailoring: 300-375

Shopping List

The following list of materials is only a rough guide to get an overview of the quantitative dimensions of reagents needed to skill at maximum level! Depending on your luck or bad luck with the yellow/green recipes you might need more or less materials.

Depending on your choice from 360-375



60x Bolt of Netherweave – 360 Netherweave Cloth
This recipe turns green at 315, so you may have to craft way more than 50. But you need a lot of them anyway.


20x Bolt of Imbued Netherweave – 60 Bolt of Netherweave (360 Cloth), 40 Arcane Dust 

More reagents may be required The recipe turns yellow at 330, so you may have to craft some more of these.


10x Netherweave Boots
60 Bolt of Netherweave (360 Cloth), 20 Knothide Leather, 10 Rune Thread

More reagents may be required The recipe turns yellow at 345, so you may have to craft some more of these.


10x Netherweave Tunic – 80 Bolt of Netherweave (480 Cloth), 20 Rune Thread

More reagents may be required The recipe turns yellow at 355, so you may have to craft some more of these.

To get further at that point is difficult. I recommend to get Pattern: Arcanoweave Boots – a rare drop from Sunseeker Astromage in The Mechanar – because it has the cheapest material requirements.

If you don’t have that pattern you can craft Imbued Netherweave Tunic. The Pattern: Imbued Netherweave Tunic is available for purchase from Arrond in Shadowmoon Valley, but you need to be Neutral with the Scryers.
You can craft those Tunics until 375, but its very expensive, so I don’t recommend it.

Keep in mind that the Arcanoweave Boots recipe is yellow from 370 on so you have to be lucky to get to 375 with 20 crafts or 10/10 crafts for option 2.


20x Arcanoweave Boots
160 Bolt of Netherweave (960 Cloth), 320 Arcane Dust, 40 Rune Thread

Or the more expensive option:

10x Imbued Netherweave Tunic
60 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave (180 Bolts/1080 Cloth), 20 Netherweb Spider Silk, 10 Rune Thread
followed by
10x Arcanoweave Boots
80 Bolt of Netherweave (480 Cloth), 160 Arcane Dust, 20 Rune Thread

More reagents may be required The recipe turns yellow at 370, so you may have to craft some more of these.


Once at a Tailoring skill level of 350, you can head to Shattrath’s Lower City and begin your Specialization quest.

When you are specialized, you will get one Primal MoonclothShadowclothSpellcloth more per craft and you are able to craft unique sets with powerful bonuses. Choose your spezialisation based on what armor you want to wear or what cloth you want to sell!

Mooncloth Tailoring

Pick up WoW Quest-IconBecoming a Mooncloth Tailor from Nasmara Moonsong in Lower City, Shattrath.
She wants you to bring a Sample of Primal Mooncloth to Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh in order to Imbue it in their Moonwell. When finished, return to Shattrath and learn Mooncloth Tailoring

In addition to proccing an extra Primal Mooncloth when you craft, you’ll also be able to make the Primal Mooncloth Armor Set, which offers 5% mana regeneration during casting while wearing all 3 pieces.

Netherweave Tailoring

Pick up WoW Quest-IconBecoming a Shadoweave Tailor from Andrion Darkspinner in Lower City, Shattrath. Bring his gem to the southeastern edge of Shadowmoon Valley, on the cliff before Netherwing Ledge. Use it on the Altar of Shadows. When finished, return to Shattrath and learn Shadoweave Tailoring.

You can now craft Shadowcloth. Specializing in Netherweave also means you’re able to craft the Frozen Shadoweave armor set, which offers 2% healing from the damage caused by Frost or Shadow spells while wearing all 3 pieces.

Spellfire Tailoring

Pick up WoW Quest-IconBecoming a Spellfire Tailor from Gidge Spellweaver in Lower City, Shattrath. Bring the Nether-wraith Beacon out to Netherstorm, where it will summon a Furious Nether-wraith that will drop a Nether-wraith Essence. Kill the wraith and return to Shattrath to learn Spellfire Tailoring.

You can now craft Spellcloth and get proccs and it will also allow you to craft the Spellfire armor set, which increases spell damage by 7% of your Intellect.

Netherweb Spider Silk

Netherweb Spider Silk is an important material in crafting your Specialization armor sets. You can get Netherweb from Dreadfang Lurker in Terokkar Forest. Farming them is not very difficult. Another source is Blackfang Tarantula in The Black Morass instance with a higher drop chance of Netherweb. You need to have a party to clear the trash in the dungeon though.

Useful Patterns


Spellfire (sold by Gidge Spellweaver in Shattrath’s Lower City)

Netherweave (sold by Andrion Darkspinner in Shattrath’s Lower City)

Mooncloth (sold by Nasmara Moonsong in Shattrath’s Lower City)

Reputation Rewards

The AldorQuartermaster Endarin in Aldor’s Rise, Shattrath

The ScyersQuartermaster Enuril in Scryer’s Tier, Shattrath

Ashtongue DeathswornOkuno in Black Temple

The Consortium – Paulsta’ats in Terokkar Forest or Karaaz at the Stormspire, Netherstorm

Lower City Nakodu in Lower City, Shattrath

Sporeggar Mycah in Sporeggar, Zangarmarsh

BoP/BoE Patterns

Rare drops from trash mobs in Sunwell Plateau

Rare drops from trash mobs in Black Temple


Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep


World Drop Patterns